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EarnPLR works with a number of large e-commerce companies that place thousands of orders every week for product descriptions. Let us help you launch your business at the next level.

The quality of a product description affects two aspects of an eCommerce website:

  1. Get traffic from Google’s long-tail search
  2. Results by ranking for successful long-tail keywords
  3. Engage your target audience and compel them to
  4. Make a buying decision

Writers from our company are experts at describing products and can produce quality content for your store that does both.

Social Proof Builds Trust

Your customers will talk about your store if they receive a complete and satisfying experience. It’s for this reason that every Product counts. Every product you sell is an opportunity to tell the brand’s story.
Customer service done well might lead them to share your story on social media and in person.

Experts Cover Every Platform

There is a bit of variation in product copywriting depending on what platform is being used. Overstock, Walmart, Amazon, and Amazon have all used our writers to write for owned sites.

We Deliver Unique Content

As we all know now, Google penalizes sites that copy the product descriptions from the manufacturer. You will not be able to rank on the front page of the Google search results if your website has duplicate content. We make sure that Google recognizes the custom product descriptions that are written by our writers at EarnPLR. An increase in search traffic will quickly increase your website’s traffic. What’s better, traffic spikes like this are anticipated to continue for months or years at a time.

Easy-To-Manage Large Projects

The description of each product in an e-commerce store is often a daunting task. It’s why our product descriptions can be ordered in hundreds of thousands at once. With our integrations, you can easily import your store’s catalog or upload a spreadsheet to add orders.

Make Money Selling Your Products

It can be challenging to create compelling content that engages your ideal customer, highlights key features, and adds excitement to your product. The more challenging task is doing this competently, without losing sight of your brand identity and speaking in the right tone. We can provide content that builds a connection and increases conversion rates since our copywriters specialize in this type of content.

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The FAQs For Our Product Description Services

We have over 2000 writers on our team, which means we will find you a writer who understands the market and your target audience.

A writer with experience in product descriptions can help you improve conversion rates and SEO. We offer a platform where you can hire authors in any number to write high-quality, authentic product descriptions.

You can do that, but the odds are that multiple other sites will also use that content. Therefore, you will be unable to get any SEO benefit from them, and they will also lack the ability to amplify your brand.

Definitely! Writing content for all marketplaces, including Amazon, is something our writers excel at. Your products will perform better if
you work with a company that understands Amazon SEO.

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