Flexible Content Writing Services

We offer a number of self-serve options, or you can utilize our fully-managed RewritePLR service to access a list of over 20 professional writers.

Content Writing Services That Adapt
to Your Needs at A Flexible Price

 EarnPLR offers two-in-one type of platform where you can confidently choose from either pre-written (PLR) or on-demand (our custom writing service) type of content. Our content writing service is highly unique and it comes at a fairly reasonable rate as well. At EarnPLR, in both PLR and on-demand content, the major difference is the availability of time.

You can get PLR content right away as it is already highly furnished to be sold. However, the custom writing services take around 10 to 15 hours to deliver the requested articles.

You can choose between the On-demand writing services for totally unique content which is tailored to your requirements. However, now you also have the option to try the Rewrite PLR services to get any sort of content into your desired format, tone, or style. 

Type of ContentEntry LevelFreelanceProfessionalExpert
Marketplace Standard Rates (More)0.2 ¢/ word0.6 ¢/ word 1.5 ¢/ word4 ¢/ word
Article Writing0.2 ¢/ word0.6 ¢/ word 1.5 ¢/ word4 ¢/ word
Blog Posts0.2 ¢/ word0.6 ¢/ word 1.5 ¢/ word4 ¢/ word
Copywriting0.2 ¢/ word0.6 ¢/ word 1.5 ¢/ word4 ¢/ word
Ghostwriting0.2 ¢/ word0.6 ¢/ word1.5 ¢/ word4 ¢/ word
SEO Content0.2 ¢/ word0.6 ¢/ word1..5 ¢/ word4 ¢/ word
Webiste Content0.2 ¢/ word0.6 ¢/ word1.5 ¢/ word4 ¢/ word
Rewrite Content0.2 ¢/ word0.6 ¢/ word1.5 ¢/ word4 ¢/ word
Plagiarism Removal0.2 ¢/ word0.6 ¢/ word1.2 ¢/ word4 ¢/ word
Product Description Rewrite0.2 ¢/ word0.6 ¢/ word2 ¢/ word4 ¢/ word
Product Description Fresh0.2 ¢/ word0.6 ¢/ word2 ¢/ word4 ¢/ word

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Standard Features for EarnPLR

How Do You Choose The Right Service?

We offer both self-serve marketplaces and enterprise services that are unique. Consider the following list to find out which is the best fit for you and your company.


I prefer to manage my own content
I can conduct quality checks and ask for revisions
I am able to manage many orders, using EarnPLR's tools

With EarnPLR's Service Team

With our Customized PLR service team
The EarnPLR team can include my orders and deliver the finished content for me
I would prefer a single point of contact
I want my content to be ready for publication

Clients Opinions About The Quality

We don’t attempt to determine the level of skill of our writers at EarnPLR. Our rating system enables you, the client, to determine their skill levels by rating themselves.

Based on real client ratings, our gamification algorithm moves writers between four Quality Levels. When the writer exceeds clients’ expectations for multiple clients, he or she will be promoted from Quality Level 3 to Quality Level 4, after a staff review.

Writers whose performance is poor quickly drop to the bottom Quality Levels and, if their performance doesn’t begin to improve, are eventually removed from the marketplace.

FAQs About The Pricing Options

Our business accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

The answer is yes. Whenever you view their profile, you'll see an option to send an offer their way.

As a Customized PLR service, our rates are completely customized to meet your business's needs, so we don't have a standard fee. We can quickly provide you with an estimate if you contact us.

Not at all! We only charge as you go for our services.

Definitely. Your customer support agent can assist you with setting up your bulk project and explaining pricing options.

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