Easy Licensing Terms

We understand that you want to know how your content license works. We made the EarnPLR Content License simple to make it easy to understand and do the right things.

It’s Totally Future-Proof. Even If You Unsubscribe.

Your license to download resources that you have already downloaded will not be removed if you unsubscribe. Isn’t that’s a peace of Mind!

Here Are Some Guidelines For Using The Done-For You EarnPLR Content

  • You can claim authorship without attribution
  • You can add your branding colors, logo, and name
  • Can be disassembled, added to, and sold as-is
  • You can edit the file completely and rename it
  • Can be sold
  • Can be given away
  • Can be packaged with other products
  • As a bonus
  • Useful as a lead magnet, or content upgrade
  • Useful for web content
  • Use in products that are physical
  • Useful in audio and video
  • Useful for webinars and workshops
  • Add to your existing membership site
  • You can keep 100% of the sales
  • You cannot transfer the rights to private labels to anyone
  • Resell rights cannot be sold
  • Master Resale Rights cannot be sold
  • Private Label Rights cannot be sold
  • Articles cannot be syndicated
  • It cannot be sold as a Kindle ebook (against Amazon’s terms of service).
  • You cannot sell it through an auction site
  • You cannot sell or give away your license to the content

If you choose to trademark the information under your company name/company, you are responsible for ensuring that it is accurate. It is your responsibility to read the content and make any necessary changes based on the needs of the clients and/or new information.

These terms may change without notice. Before you use any licensed content, it is your responsibility to review the current terms.

The Full Licensing Terms

The following terms and conditions are binding on all members of EarnPLR.

These terms of usage have been created to protect our members. Respect your fellow members, and please review and adhere to these terms.

Any violation of these terms can result in dismissal or refund of membership fees. If you have any questions about the terms of use, please contact us.

As A EarnPLR Member, You Can Enjoy These Benefits:

  • You can use the content to create websites, blogs, and ebooks.
  • You may distribute, give away, or sell the special reports in any other way than modification. You are not required to credit, cite or link back EarnPLR.
  • You can modify the content to your liking by adding, removing or changing words. You can combine articles and add your own content.
  • You can bundle the content to create a bonus, ebook, product, or other freebies for your customers.
  • You can add affiliate links, product or promotional links.

Is The License Transferable?

These rights are yours non-transferable and Non-sub licensable This means that the private label license cannot be transferred or sublicensed to anyone else. Two exceptions apply:

  1. Employer or client: Your employer or client may use the content if you purchase on their behalf. You represent and warrant that your employer or client has the legal authority to bind you to this agreement. Your employer or client can not use the content if you don’t have this authority.
  2. Subcontractors: Subcontractors, such as your printer or mailing house, may be allowed to use your content in any production or distribution process that is related to your final project. The content may not be used for any other purpose by these subcontractors or distributors.

This means that you can’t re-sell, package, give away, copy or repackage any content to allow your customers to give it away or sell it as their own. Your clients may purchase the branded material you provide, but they can’t brand it or make it available to others.

Anybody found violating these terms will see their membership canceled immediately and without notice.

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