How do I Search Any Website for Keywords?

How do I search Any Website for Keywords?

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Google is a great resource to find information. It provides exact results in just less than a second. But what if you require precise information, such as results from your website or one of your competitors’ websites? Sure, Google can do that too.

This guide will demonstrate how easy and quick to find any website that has terms.

What is a Search on a Website?

A web search, also referred to by the name of a website search is a method to browse a site for particular content or subjects. There are several ways to use a search on a website to find relevant content but the way you decide to use will depend on the reason you’re searching.

Why Should you Conduct a Search on a Website?

How do I search Any Website for Keywords?

Digital marketers can benefit from a web search that can be useful in gathering data and information, not only on your own website as well as on the websites of your competitors. This can assist you in:

  • Find specific data and quotes Search for specific statistics or quotations that you read several weeks or months or even years-long ago
  • Find new concepts Find subjects and keywords that you’ve never covered
  • Check performance and see what pages are ranked for certain keywords.
  • Discover backlink possibilities Search for relevant websites to incorporate into your outreach strategy
  • Examine competitors Find out about the rankings of your competitors as well as the content strategy they employ

You can also utilize a website search feature to determine where items are listed on your site and could prove useful in the event that you have to change or delete these. You can, for instance, look up seasonal offers, one-off promotions, brand changes, or updates to your location to find the best content ideas or search terms.

How do you Search a Website for Keywords?

Depending on the reason for doing a website search There are many different ways to conduct a search that includes keywords, for example:

  1. Use Ctrl+F to navigate the HTML
  2. Utilizing Google search engines
  3. Utilizing the search function on the site
  4. Utilizing specific keywords tools

1. Find words within the HTML

How do I search Any Website for Keywords?

If you’re an expert in marketing then you’ll likely be drawn to the standard Ctrl+F (Command+F on Mac) within the HTML of a site.

For this kind of search on the internet You must:

    • Open Chrome or install it.
    • Visit the website
    • Click right-click on the page you want to access.
    • Select “View page source”
    • Hold Ctrl+F
    • Enter your keyword, then hit enter.

Any mentions of your keywords on the page will be highlighted.

But, keep in mind that this kind of search only searches the page you are currently on. It will not look through the entire site.

2. Google Search Operator

A search on a website can be simpler and more reliable than the traditional Ctrl+F method. The site search is performed using Google as well and is completed quickly in only three steps.

      • Open Google
      • Enter site: and finally, the domain name of the site that you are looking for, e.g. (Note: There is not a space between the colon and the domain)
      • Enter the search phrase after your domain name, e.g. “ pickles” and press search

The site searches method functions by using what’s called the search operator. In this instance, you’re using that “site:” part of the query. The search results are limited to only those results from the website you have specified.

You can get a complete listing of search engines in our comprehensive tutorial on Google search options.

3. Search Function for Websites

If you go to the website that you are looking for and you’ll notice that it has its own bar for searching. You can utilize this to look up the website for a specific keyword. The only thing you’ll have to be able to complete is

        • Search the bar
        • Write your desired keyword
        • Enter search/press enter

While this is the most straightforward, however, not all websites provide this functionality. In the event that they offer it, they might lack a search function set up to work in the best way. For instance, the search bar may only search for matches within the URL or page title which means you’ll be left with a smaller number of results that are relevant.

4. Keywords Tools

There are times when you’re not certain of the keyword or topic you are seeking however you are aware of the website you are looking for. This happens most often when you’re looking at websites that are competing or looking for new ideas for content. In these instances, it is a good idea to use a keyword tool. what you’ll require.

We’re pleased to announce that our Organic Research tool will give you a list of organic keywords a certain website is ranking for. The only thing you have been doing is

          • Register for an account with no cost
          • Open Semrush
          • Go to the Organic Research tool. Organic Research tool.
          • Go to the domain name and go to the Positions report
          • Enter the number

It will provide you with an entire report on the website which includes organic keywords and other websites similar to the one you want to explore. Additionally, you will have the option of only searching for keywords that rank on specific pages, sections, and subdomains of the site by changing the drop-down menu in the bar for searching.


Knowing which websites rank for what keywords could help you in your online marketing strategies. It will help you evaluate your performance with regard to your SEO and content, as well as provide information and suggestions about what your competition is doing. It’s a simple and quick method to help your website’s development.

Don’t forget that you are able to use these strategies as a buyer as well! If you’re trying to find specific types of products that is manufactured by a certain brand, you can use the Google search function site to locate it.

Share with us the results you find using these techniques for searching via Facebook as well as Twitter!

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