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Ghostwriting: How Does It Work?

Find out how to hire a ghostwriter who is experienced at writing about the subject of your industry by reading about the ghostwriting process.

Decide On a Smart Business Move

Although ghostwriting is criticized by academics and traditional publishers (and for a good reason), hiring a ghostwriter is a valuable decision for business in content marketing.

A ghostwriter can provide content for your brand, so your brand doesn't lose control, would not lose its voice or identity, nor would you lose your own experience as a writer. A good ghostwriter works on all of these factors to produce content you'll feel proud to name.

There are a number of world-renowned brands and celebrities that hire ghostwriters and editors. Best-selling authors, large publishing companies that publish multiple books, and eCommerce sites that utilize ghostwriters all depend upon ghostwriters.

What's the harm in taking advantage of the same benefits?

Finding a Perfect Writer: 3 Easy Steps

Our platform features over 2000 vetted writers, giving you a wide selection of authors. If you want to find a good fit, you have several options.

Experts You Can Trust

When looking for a ghostwriter, the most important consideration is to find someone with a style that matches your niche. In addition, you do not want to have your name attached to content that is not of sufficient quality and authority to impress those who are relevant to your business. That’s not a problem with our marketplace, which offers thousands of ghostwriters. As a result, you can rely on the highest quality content, which will improve your online marketing plans and ensure that your brand is strong.

Our powerful Writer Database

We have a comprehensive database of writers that you can query on the basis of skill, experience, speed, and qualification once you’ve become a member. You can use our system to search for writers with over 700 skill sets and experience levels who have expertise in your industry.

Don’t Have Enough Time?

Not a problem! Working with a professional writer can relieve you from the burdens of managing the content on a daily basis, while premium and customized PLR services are available for bulk orders. You can customize your orders on EarnPLR by finding a ghostwriter who fits your budget and delivers stellar content. In addition, you can view details regarding our affordable prices and the different types of services our freelancers can provide.

Job Postings

Rather than searching for writers, let them apply directly for your project. By creating a job posting that specifies how you’d like to be approached and the type of writer you need, you’ll be able to receive pitches tailored to your projects.

Customer Support Agent

You’ll be assigned a dedicated customer support agent upon signing up with EarnPLR, who will be committed to seeing the content you create success. You can even hire them for an entire writing staff if you contact them, and they will provide you with highly recommended writers.

Easily Accesible

Start by placing a request on the EarnPLR marketplace to see who is interested and who has the most experience. Discover freelancers that are experts in your industry by searching through the thousands of freelance writers. Directly order ghostwriting services from experienced ghostwriters. Having a pool of talented ghostwriters at your disposal will ensure that you always have someone ready to take on your orders.

When you ask for editing, you ensure your writing is grammatically accurate, conforms to instructions, and matches your style.

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The FAQs For Our Ghostwriting Services

We can connect you with the perfect ghostwriter from our network of over 2,000 writers. As soon as you register, you will be presented with several options:

  1. You can find a writer who meets your writing needs by using our search tool
  2. Invite all our writers to audition for the project by creating a casting call.
  3. You can get recommendations from your customer support agent.

Depending on the word count, we charge between 1 cent per word and 8 cents per word. You can learn more about our pricing on our pricing page.

We have a number of writers who specialize in writing nonfiction content for our clients. However, if you need help with fictional content, contact us, and we'll find the right writer for you.

After you pay for the final product, you own all rights to it, allowing you to use it however you wish.

As a ghostwriter agency, we're always on the lookout for great individuals. Just send us a message to sign up for our writing force.

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