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Content Marketing is Powered by Copywriting

Marketing through content is a proven and cost-effective method.

A brand that knows how to master it typically receives more than eight times as much traffic as those who don’t. Despite the fact that content marketing is less expensive, it can generate three times as many leads as traditional outbound advertising.

Our team of copywriters and content writers makes sure your written content supports your content marketing efforts.

Make your content marketing amazing by generating tons of traffic and converting that traffic into sales.

As Soon As Possible

By partnering with EarnPLR, you are able to generate as much content as you need. Our writers are among the best in the industry. The freelancers we accept must demonstrate the appropriate level of skills, and our rating system helps you select writers and editors that are qualified for the job. You can order from an individual writer, a team, or the entire market.

Set formatting, keyword, word count, and other specifications for your order.  For added quality, order editing services as well.

Take A Tour of Our Gamification Platform

Game-based writing methods have been implemented to guarantee a fast turnaround time without sacrificing quality. This encourages writers to complete orders quickly and expertly, giving you a high-quality product. In some cases, you may be able to get your content even sooner than 24 hours after placing the order.

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Better Rankings, More Sales

An effective copywriter knows that the content on your site needs to engage your potential customers as well as search engines. The writers on our roster understand how to craft copy that speaks to a reader’s search intent and urges them to take action.

From A Professional Prespective

It’s a big deal to outsource your copywriting. You need to write copy that reflects your brand voice, speaks to your customers, and supports your marketing strategy. To put it simply – you need professional copywriters.

Using your feedback, we can develop a copy that will perform according to your expectations. We offer a team of marketing professionals who can write copy for your business. Get the traffic and results you need by choosing from thousands of professional B2B copywriters.

The Way You Want It

It is essential to understand that content writing needs are unique for every brand and even every project. We offer a user-friendly system that lets you customize every order.

Here are some options:

  • Choosing the right writing service
  • Title suggested by the writer or enter your own
  • Create a Google Doc with some instructions or links to the brand content guides
  • Decide how many words you want to write
  • Pick a level of quality If desired, add editing
  • Meta titles and descriptions are optional elements that you can add to your order
  • Choose a turnaround time for your job
  • Make a purchase

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The FAQ of Our Copywriting Services

You can do this in a number of ways. We have over 2,000 writers on our team, and you can search them by experience or ability. Or, you may want to put out an open call for qualified writers to send you their pitches and sample articles.

Starting at 1 cent per word, our prices increase with the quality and expertise you need. Compared to doing the work yourself, these rates offer substantial savings to most digital marketers. Furthermore, you get a copy written by an experienced writer who will spend all day working on your article.

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. We encourage our writers to provide high-quality, unique content and process revisions within a reasonable amount of time. With our Customized PLR services, your content will also be publish-ready, having gone through three layers of quality assurance before being delivered.

Any one of our copywriters can write copy for various marketing campaigns, including websites, landing pages, emails, advertisements, among others.

In addition to SEO, our copywriters also focus on conversions. The article is written to efficiently convey the message you want while seamlessly integrating search terms and highlighting key topics. The order form on our website makes it easy for you to specify your SEO instructions.

That's right! We will ask you whether editing is required every time you place an order. This ensures that an experienced copyeditor vets your content before being sent to you. Our copy editors can also be built into a dedicated team for you.

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