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Get a 60% commission on every sale! Isn't that the definition of passive income?

6 Unique Reasons To Join

200+ PLR Products

Promote high-quality PLR products loved by over 30,000 marketers

Attribution model based on the last click

Using last-click attribution can benefit you and 30 days of cookie life

2 in 1

Get your client satisfied with outstanding PLR products,
or direct them to our on-demand writing services

Highest Paying PLR Commission

Get 60% commission for every new sale you make

Promotional Materials

Advertise with exclusive EarnPLR creatives

Dedicated Team

Our team of account managers is always available to assist you.

Who Can Become an EarnPLR Affiliate?

Content Publisher

Do you write about evergreen topics and looking for the right products to do affiliate marketing? Earn money by promoting EarnPLR on your blog/social media or other channels

Course Creator/ Professor

Are you teaching marketing/SEO courses, webinars, or creating courses? Make sales and earn money by promoting EarnPLR with affiliate links

A WordPress Developer

Just build your website, and we'll provide you with the content, PLR Products, and promotional material

Marketing Agency

Get a discount on EarnPLR when you recommend our platform to your clients

All-round Marketer

EarnPLR Affiliate Program offers various resources for promoting EarnPLR and earning revenue

Why Do Top Affiliates Choose Us?

Through the EarnPLR Affiliate Program, I’ve been able to generate a lot of affiliate income over the past few years, and it’s really changed my life… You will be helped by the EarnPLR Affiliate Program team at every step of the way.

Finnlay Conard


As a digital marketer and an agency, I can definitely say that EarnPLR Affiliate Program is the best affiliate program out there. There are no hidden fees, it is transparent, and there is a great team ready to assist you every step of the way.

Chandler Dixon


Over the past few months, I have been working in EarnPLR Affiliate Program and it has been an excellent experience!

Alex Tucker


Become a part of our success, discover boundless opportunities and start earning now!

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