8 Tips You Can Get from Competitors Top Pages

8 Tips You Can Get from Competitors"Top Pages

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Do you have any idea of how the competition gets traffic to their websites? What is their method of choosing the topic of their digital campaigns? Now you can satisfy your curiosity about marketing by using The Top Page — a striking new feature only available to paid customers from Semrush Traffic Analytics.

Does it really worth the cost? Check it out Here are a few of the most valuable information you can gain from the top competitors’ pages.

Notice: Top landing pages are the ones that receive many of the pageviews as well as the newest visitors.

1. The Potential Number of Your Competitors

Of all the top websites, you could be most attracted by those with “cart,” “basket,” “pay,” “trial,” and “free trial” in their URLs.

Be aware that customers can access these pages both externally and internally (with abandon cart alert as well as their browser’s autocompleting feature or via the URL to the cart that their family or friends had shared).

Here can be the funnel for Sephora In this funnel, we can are able to see the number of shoppers who put items into the basket, proceeded to the checkout, and then confirmed their purchase.

2. The Maximum Potential Audience for your New Product or Service

8 Tips You Can Get from Competitors"Top Pages

If you’re contemplating launching a new product or trying out some aspects of a forthcoming promotion You should look at the top pages of your competitors that have a similar promotion. Maybe you will discover strategies that you could apply to your company.

What was the Amount of Traffic they Create?

Look up your top competitors to get an idea of the maximum potential reach. Learn more about whether their audience was engaged with a specific part of the website.

You can check out how many of the users visited this blog and read the most popular posts.

Which Traffic Sources Did They Utilize to Promote similar products or services?

By removing historical data You will be able to understand the results of every channel over time and will be able to calculate your estimated amount of investment in these channels.

There’s a real-world instance that shows how Macy’s drives customers to their women’s clothing section:

3. Your Competitors The Best Products and Services

8 Tips You Can Get from Competitors"Top Pages

Which of your competitor’s pages do you think brought in the most visitors? It is likely that they consumed large chunks of your marketing budget and at first featured the most appealing items and services for the intended customers.

Be aware of the top pages which represent certain categories of products or products of your competition. Learn about the sources of traffic that your competitor uses. You can then consider the possibility of adding similar pages to your own marketing campaign, or instead, concentrate on promoting other aspects of your range of products. This is an appropriate strategy in certain instances and won’t cause a rise in the level of competition.

For example, the list of most popular pages on Coursera will reveal that the pages that are most popular and, in fact, the most frequently visited websites are professional certificates issued by Google Data Analytics and Google UX Design.

You can go deeper to find the top-rated items within specific categories or different audiences similar to this.

4. Top Content on Blogs of Competitors and Partners

This knowledge will be extremely beneficial to content strategists and SEO experts. The list of the top pages can help you figure out which pages you could include in the structure of your site. In addition, it will help you determine what topics you need to write about in order to attract the most visitors.

Take a look at the topics that other websites are betting on in their regular and seasonal campaigns. Find out what methods they employ for their effective promotions. It is possible to gain insights on this information that will aid you in planning a better campaign, regardless of whether it’s to increase branding or for conversions.

The more traffic you can get and the higher your goals you can achieve. If you look for blogs in the top page list that you can determine if and the extent to which your competitors are investing in the creation of content and its promotion. It is possible that this approach isn’t working for your particular industry.

Are you interested in partnering with a media company? Explore their most popular externally visited pages to find out what kind of content they prefer or might need prior to you discussing possible co-marketing relationships.


5. High-Priority Languages as well as the Highly Valuable Regional Markets

8 Tips You Can Get from Competitors"Top Pages

Let’s go even deeper and discover the source of the traffic to the top pages of your competitors by country. Look for a URL that includes a country code. If a page that is localized or a subdomain has reached the top of the list and is named after a country, it’s extremely valuable to the company. When you know the number of visitors who come to the regional page then you can calculate how large your competition’s audiences are in this particular country. Analyze the sources of traffic that the competitors choose to promote their respective local top sites.

Take a look at the story that follows Louis Vuitton and how their international audience affects their business. The codes for countries highlighted in red indicate the region that is targeted on these pages.

6. It’s The Focus of Your Competitors’ Marketing Strategies

After you’ve analyzed your distinct top pages from inside and out It is now time to go deeper. Look for ways to classify these URLs by category or notice any trends. Perhaps, for instance, a number of pages for products made it to first place during some time period. This could indicate their category was the subject of the marketing campaign at a specific period of the past.

If a firm offers multiple services similar to one another, consistent clusters of top pages can help identify what the business is best known for. Zillow for instance will be more frequently visited (and better advertised) for the purchase and sale of real estate as opposed to listings for homes to rent.

7. Changes in the Consumer Strategy Changes in Target Audience, Consumer Strategy, and the Product Selection

8 Tips You Can Get from Competitors"Top Pages

When you’ve discovered the company’s most important product or product line, check to check if they are likely to modify their approach and their positioning as time passes. Be aware of the fluctuations in visitors to similar pages. For example, a fashionable online store that focuses on clothing for women could begin to target males or create an accessories section or reverse.

American Eagle used to advertise men’s products such as in September of 2018, you will see more top pages geared towards males:

8. Invisible Landing Pages that produce Leads

The top page list may reveal sites that Google does not index. They could be websites designed to be used in PPC campaigns that could make ideal models to analyze the efficacy in the marketing channels.

For instance, what you’ll find when you visit one of the most popular pages on Sephora: You could visit these pages on your own and observe the structure, layout, and CTAs your competition employed. The results of this kind of study will help you design your own marketing campaign and even landing pages.

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